AutoSleep 6.1
At a glance

Here are the key features. 

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There's a new Today view. It's a simple way of seeing everything at a glance. Each tile can be touched to see more information, learn more, see trends and add to Siri. 

You can now live in this view as AutoSleep will open into Today if you select it. 


What does it include?

Sleep Session 

A simple graph of your main sleep session in a glanceable bar format. Touch to view the more detailed sleep session breakdown.

Time Asleep 

An outer ring that shows total sleep time for the day versus your sleep goal. An inner ring that shows your sleep bank status. This is a weighted 7 day metric that lets you know if you are in sleep credit or sleep debt. 


A simple gauge of your daily readiness. This uses waking HRV and waking pulse to indicate physical and mental stress. 

Latest Bedtime

A clock that shows your latest possible bedtime to ensure that your sleep bank remains in credit. It learns your most likely waking time for tomorrow and considers your current sleep efficiency and sleep bank balance. 

Sleep Rings

A consolidated four ring graphic that shows your sleep, quality sleep, deep sleep and heart rate dip. This gives an instant snapshot as to how you slept. 

Lights Off

Used to track your time to fall asleep, lights off help with sleep efficiency calculations. In AutoSleep 6.1 you can now also manually add your lights off time as well as Add to Siri.

Sedentary Heart Rate

The sedentary heart rate badge from HeartWatch is now embedded into AutoSleep. Sedentary heart rate is captured in the background by your Apple Watch (Series 1 or higher) when you have been still for five minutes or longer. It is presented as a colour keyed badge which lets you see the time spent in each zone. 

In AutoSleep it will report sedentary heart rate for the previous day, starting from when you woke up. It's a super snapshot of your daytime heart health. 

You don't even need to have HeartWatch installed to see this, but if you do, touching it will open HeartWatch to let you review your heart rate in more detail. 

Design Your Clock

You can now customise the look of your AutoSleep clock.  

Design your clock



Using the traffic light pallet, your sleep goes from red to green so that you can see when you met your sleep goal. 


Your sleep time is colour matched to the traffic light status colour of your sleep ring. i.e. Green when you meet your goal. 


Your time asleep is shown as a bar graph so that you can see how restless you were and when you were in deeper sleep. 

Other Options

You can now see a dashed line on the clock to indicate when you were not wearing your Watch. A grey inner ring to indicate when your iPhone detected motion. For the gauge & ring options, a darker shading to indicate periods of deeper sleep. You can also apply subtle tints to the clock face. 


There are lots of other improvements. Here are the main ones. 

Sleep Detection

An improved disrupted sleep algorithm optimised for WatchOS 5. 


Added quick access via Settings tab. Notifications can now be set to be only delivered when you first unlock your iPhone, as well as at a set time of day. 

Nocturnal Dip Options

Added a 5-10% nocturnal heart rate dip goal.

Sleep Consistency Reporting

Added the median bedtime and waketime for all seven days. 

Shortcuts App

The Time Asleep shortcut dictionary now includes when you went to sleep and woke up. Pretty handy if you want to write a sleep report into your calendar. 


Better Siri setup with suggested phrases and Siri buttons. 


Pop up tips to help you discover key features. 

Night Time Only Watch Wearers

Better support for people that do not wear their Watch during the day. 

HRV Capture

Nighttime mindfulness sessions will no longer interfere with Breathe app HRV capture. 

Error Reporting

Simplified Watch to iPhone problem reporting.