AutoSleep 6
At a glance

Here are the key features. 

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New Look
Easier to use, new graphs, everything explained. New traffic light colour scheme lets you instantly see what's good or not so good. Sleep rings can now be exploded into deeper explanation including trend analysis

You can choose from new darkest dark mode or light mode. 

Sleep Clock

New Sleep Session Analysis graph gives you insight into how you slept. You can even slide over the graph for a minute by minute view. 

Sleep Session Analysis

A new wellness section lets you keep on top of your Sleep Bank to determine if you are in sleep debt or sleep credit as well as to get insights to your daily readiness. You can learn more about the concepts here

Sleep Bank
AutoSleep's new advanced sleep bank algorithm lets you know if you are in sleep credit or slipping into sleep debt and helps you to address this. 

Sleep Bank

Today's Readiness
Using heart rate variability & waking pulse, AutoSleep now gives insight into your physical and mental state. 


Sleep Hygiene
Sleep Hygiene refers to habits that help you have a good night's sleep. AutoSleep's new Sleep Hygiene section helps you maintain better sleep consistency & sleep efficiency which are cornerstones of Sleep Hygiene. You can learn more here

Sleep Consistency

Siri Dashboard
The new Siri Dashboard surfaces all the most important information that AutoSleep gathers and lets you preview and "Add to Siri". 

It even includes advanced support for Shortcuts app via dictionaries of the most important metrics. 

Siri Dashboard

Siri can now help you determine your latest bedtime each day. AutoSleep learns your patterns and sleep style and lets you know the latest bedtime that will let you stay in sleep credit, or, help you clear your sleep debt. 

Siri bedtime

Much More
AutoSleep 6 has improved every facet of the app. More powerful, easier to use, and it now proactively helps you get the best sleep.