When to charge?

The best time to charge your Apple Watch.

The most common question from people first hearing about sleep tracking on the Apple Watch is How? Don't you have to charge the Watch overnight?

Well. Actually no you don't. The Apple Watch charges very quickly and with a simple charging strategy it can easily be used to track your sleep.

Charge time is usually less than an hour and the Watch only uses 5-15% charge overnight depending on the model. 

So When's The Best Time?

The best time for most people is in the evening before bed during the time you might normally be relaxing. However, some people just forget to do this. 

Charge Reminders.

AutoSleep 6.4 now includes charge reminders. You simply set the time that you'd like the reminder. The default is 8pm but you can change this. 

AutoSleep then shows a notification on your Watch at this time. 
Charge Reminder

You can turn the digital crown for various options:
Charge Reminder Snooze

If you are busy at the moment, you can snooze the reminder for 10, 30 or 60 minutes. 

Charge Reminder Doing it

If you select "Doing it now" this indicates that you are putting the Watch on the charger now and you would like a reminder on your iPhone in one hour's time to put the Watch back on again. This reminder also has snooze options. A great tip is to add the batteries widget onto your iPhone's Today View. This displays the current charge of your Watch. This way you can decide if you want to Snooze for longer. 

If you put the Watch on before the the iPhone reminder is presented, then if you simply go into the AutoSleep Watch app and then go back out, this reminder will be cancelled.

Setting your Charge Reminder.

You will find the option to set your charge reminder in the AutoSleep iPhone app on the settings tab. 

Charge Reminder on Settings tab.

You use the + / - buttons to change the time. 
Turn on the enable reminder switch to make it active.

Setting the charge reminder on iPhone

After setting the reminder, go back and it will be sent to the AutoSleep Watch app. You can then verify that it is active as follows:

Verify Charge Reminder

Happy Charging!