Editing Occasional Anomalies.


The Day tab lets you edit occasional anomalies with your sleep capture. 

This isn't something you should be doing all the time. The app is called AutoSleep after all. Always try pressing the troubleshooting button next to the Asleep time below the clock first. 

On the Day tab, you can press the edit button. This displays some radio buttons. Pressing one will tell AutoSleep to have a look at this time block in the context of those around it and to do the opposite of what it has determined. On the clock, it will then place a yellow indicator on the outside of that time block, to help you see that you have toggled it. 

You may sometimes find that this has an impact on other time blocks around it, especially in the non Watch wearer mode. You can touch other affected blocks.

Lights Off
If you use lights off, it is also displayed on the day view as a lamp button. You can press this and remove it if required. 

The day view provides a good insight into how sleep calculation decisions are made. This can assist you when toggling a sleep block to better understand why a sleep calculation decision was made. You can press the Legend button at the bottom left to display what everything means. 

At the top of scroll view is a light red line. To the left of this is the actual time that that line represents. If this falls within sleep, the heading of the Day tab will show heart rate and sleep information as at the red line. 

On the main sleep clock, if you touch a time, this will jump you directly into the Day view and scroll to the time that you touched.