Health Check. 

Problem 3. 

Either your Watch is not capturing and sending background heart rate data to your iPhone, or, AutoSleep has no permission to read your heart rate data. 

First check the following: 
  1. Did the Watch go into low power mode (< 10% battery)? 
  2. Do you have a passcode on your Watch? This is required for background heart rate data. 
  3. In Passcode in the Apple Watch settings app have you turned on Wrist Detection? This is required for background heart rate. 
  4. In Privacy in the Apple Watch settings app, both Heart Rate & Fitness Tracking need to be turned on. 
  5. Do you have a prominent wrist tattoo?
If the above are all ok, now check to see if there actually is any heart rate data being sent to iPhone. 
  1. Go into Apple Health app. It has a white icon with a red heart. 
  2. Select health data tab. 
  3. Select vitals. Don't select heart. Yes it is confusing. 
  4. Select heart rate.
  5. Select show all data option below the graph.
  6. Select last night. 
  7. This will now show all the heart rate readings that the watch has captured for the day. 
  8. Scroll to the period that you were asleep. You should see heart rate readings every 2-10 minutes. 

If you are not seeing any data, then this procedure sometimes solves it: 

Power the iPhone and Watch off and on as per these links. i.e. Shut down completely and restart. 



If, after doing this, you still do not see any data, then there is a Watch pairing problem. 

What you will need to do is Unpair the Watch, then Pair as a NEW WATCH. Don’t restore from a backup as this usually carries the same problems back again. 

It’s a bit time consuming but it usually always fixes the problem.

If you did find heart rate data above, then this means that there is a health permission problem. 

It’s very important to perform all these steps in the exact order. 

***Especially 2 & 3 are these cause crashed Apple OS services to restart.***

  1. Delete the AutoSleep iPhone app. Make sure you keep any data associated with it when it asks though. Note when you delete the app you get questions. The Keep question is the 2nd one. 
  2. Power the iPhone off and on. i.e. Completely off and then back on as per this link.
  3. Power the Watch off and on.
  4. Download the AutoSleep iPhone app again. 
  5. Start the AutoSleep iPhone app and go through the setup process carefully accepting permissions. MAKE SURE THAT ALL SWITCHES ARE TURNED ON when asked about health permissions. 
  6. After about 5 minutes, install the Apple Watch app (if required).