Health Check. 

Problem 4. 

There are no energy data available to AutoSleep. 

Your Apple Watch automatically sends the health data captured by its sensors to your iPhone. This is not done by the AutoSleep app, it is done by Apple system services. AutoSleep reads the data that has been sent to the iPhone. 

There are three reasons for this problem:

A). In the Apple Watch settings app (it has a black icon with a picture of a Watch) you have turned off “Fitness Tracking” in the Privacy section. Make sure that both Fitness Tracking and Heart Rate are turned ON. Also, make sure you have a passcode and wrist detection turned on in the passcode section. 


B). This is sometimes caused by an iOS bug not correctly starting the health synch services after the iOS update is applied. 

Often you can solve problems like this by powering the iPhone and Watch off and on as per these links. i.e. Shut down completely and restart. 




C). If that doesn’t resolve it, then this is usually due to a bug in the iOS update process that affects app health permissions. It doesn’t affect everyone, but does happen from time to time. 

It’s very important to perform all these steps in the exact order. Especially 2 & 3 are these cause crashed OS services to restart. 

1. Delete the AutoSleep iPhone app. Make sure you keep any data associated with it when it asks though.  Note when you delete the app you get questions. The Keep question is the 2nd one. 

2. Power the iPhone off and on.

3. Power the Watch off and on.

4. Download the AutoSleep iPhone app again. 

5. Start the AutoSleep iPhone app and go through the setup process carefully accepting permissions. MAKE SURE THAT YOU TURN ON ALL THE HEALTH PERMISSION SWITCHES.

6. After about 5 minutes, install the Apple Watch app if required.