How do I track sleep with my Apple Watch?

How to Track Sleep

AutoSleep has two methods of tracking your sleep. One is to wear your Apple Watch to bed. This is the best method as it will capture information about your sleep quality.

If you do wear your Watch to bed:

1. Go to Sleep. 
2. Wake up. 

The other method is to track the time that you don't wear your Watch as a simple record of sleep. 

If you don't wear your Watch to bed:

1. Put your Watch on charge before you go to sleep. 
2. Sleep. 
3. Put your Watch back on*. 

* or touch your iPhone when you wake up then put your Watch on within 30 minutes. You will see the sleep on your clock once you put the Watch back on. Sometimes it may take a few minutes. 

Can I Use Both Methods?

You can switch between these methods, but not on the same day. It is perfectly fine to do this on different days though. 

How Do I Set Which Method I Want to Use?

If you select the Settings tab (the last button on lower bar in the iPhone app), then choose the Wizard option, on the second panel you will find the sleep method options. 

AutoSleep Sleep Method Wizard

By default, the method you chose when you installed the app is selected. 

You are able to enable both options and they will automatically switch. If one hour or more of sleep is detected when wearing the Watch, then the wear Watch method is automatically used for this day. 

Note: If you have had your Watch on charge for an extended period, and have not slept wearing the Watch yet, then the time that the Watch was on charge will show as sleep. However, the app will self correct as soon as it detects one or more hours of watch wearing sleep. 

What About Battery Life?

Does the Apple Watch have enough battery life for sleep tracking? Yes!

The easiest way to wear the Watch when sleeping is to charge it for about 40 minutes in the evening before you go to sleep. Perhaps while you are reading or watching TV. This will usually take it back up to 100% charge. 

We've even got a really useful charge reminder to help you make sure battery is never a problem. You can learn about that here

You'll then find that with a Series 2 or 3 Apple Watch that your battery will still be 95-100% when you wake up in the morning. With a Series 4 it will be 90-95%. With an original Apple Watch it will usually be 88-92% in the morning. If you then put the Watch back on charge while you shower, you'll start the day with 100% charge. 

Do I Need to Start and Stop my Sleep Tracking?

No. You do not need to press any buttons at all to track your sleep. 

If you wear the Watch when sleeping and you want to optionally track the time that it takes you to fall asleep, then there is a "lights off" button on the Watch and also on the iPhone app. You can learn more about that on this page.   

How Do I Set My Sleep Schedule?

Firstly, AutoSleep is fully automatic. You don't need to tell it when you go to bed and wake up. 

However, what is important is to define the sleep reporting schedule. 

Night Hour

In the Settings tab, Wizard option, there is a panel called "Night Hour". This doesn't affect sleep detection, it affects sleep attribution. For example, if you set your night hour to 9PM / 21:00 then any sleep detected after this hour will be attributed to the next day. Any sleep before will be attributed to the previous day. The default setting is 9PM / 21:00. This works well for most people. 

What About Shift Workers?

The trick is to set your Night Hour to an hour that you are always awake regardless of your shift. We find the most common choices for shift workers are 6PM / 18:00 or 7PM / 19:00.

How Do I Track Naps?

Any naps thirty minutes or longer will be automatically tracked as sleep. 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that if you track your main sleep wearing your Watch then you should also wear your Watch when having a nap. 

If you do not wear your Watch when tracking your main sleep, then you should also take off your Watch when tracking a nap. 

Do I Need to Install the Watch App on my Watch?

No. The Watch app is optional. Your Watch will automatically synch all of the required sensor data to your iPhone as part of the WatchOS and iOS operating system services. 

However, if you wear the Watch when sleeping, the Watch app is very useful as it will automatically show you your sleep information. 

Can I Use More than One Apple Watch?

Yes. Yes you can use multiple Watches. Just make sure that both Watches are on the same WatchOS version and are paired with your iPhone. 

Here’s an explanation of how to set this up. 

How Do I Stop My Apple Watch from Waking Me with Notifications?

You can enable Do Not Disturb mode. The best way to do this is to go into your Apple iPhone Settings app, select Do Not Disturb and then enable scheduled Do Not Disturb. This will automatically transfer to your Apple Watch. 

You can also control this manually on your Watch by swiping up on the clock face. You will see a button with a crescent moon on it. Pressing this will turn Do Not Disturb on or off. 

How Do I Stop My Apple Watch from Lighting Up During the Night?

If you swipe up on the clock face, you will see a button that has two Greek Theatre masks on it. If you press this it will turn orange and your Watch will no longer light up unless you touch the screen. 

Can I Use Flight Mode / Airplane Mode on my Apple Watch or iPhone?

AutoSleep will still track your sleep if you put your watch into flight mode. The only thing to keep in mind is that the data will not be sent to your iPhone until you turn flight mode off whilst wearing the Watch. This may take a few minutes to complete. You can do this at any time.

Can I Turn Bluetooth Off?

If you wear the Watch to sleep, you can still track sleep without a bluetooth connection to your iPhone. As with flight mode above, you'll need to wear the Watch and have a bluetooth connection between your Watch & iPhone again for it to send all the sleep data to the iPhone. 

Can I Turn my iPhone off at Night?

If you wear the Watch to sleep, you can still turn the iPhone off at night. As with flight mode above, you'll need to wear the Watch and have the iPhone turned on again for it to send all the sleep data to the iPhone. 

How Do I Stop Bumping into Things When I Wake up and go to the Bathroom?

If you swipe up on the clock face, you'll find a button with picture of a flashlight on it. Touch this and you'll have a handy nightlight. To turn it off press the Digital Crown.