Tracking Time to Fall Asleep.

This is completely optional. You don't even need to install the AutoSleep Watch app to track sleep. 

This feature is designed for people that wear their Watch when sleeping

Because AutoSleep can't automatically know of your intention to decide to go to sleep you need to tell the app. 

What this does is send a timestamped event to the AutoSleep app. This is then used to calculate the time between this event and when the app detected that you fell asleep. 

It is designed to be used once per day, prior to your main sleep. Using this feature also tells the app to ignore any sleep prior to this point

How to do this
This is done by using the 'Lights Off' feature. There are five ways to do this. 
  1. The best method is to use the AutoSleep Watch app. 
  2. If you have an iPhone 6s or higher, you can 3D touch the AutoSleep app icon. This will display the Lights off widget. 
  3. You can add the Lights off widget to your Today View. 
  4. Add to Siri in the Today tab.
  5. Create a Shortcut in the Shortcuts app that uses the AutoSleep Lights Off action. 
Note: In AutoSleep 6.1 you can also edit and retrospectively add lights off in the Today tab, Lights Off card.

Using the Watch
The Watch app is the best way to activate Lights Off. 

If you have a Watch running WatchOS 6 or higher, you can now do this in conjunction with enabling your smart alarm. You can learn about that here

Otherwise, here's how to enabled lights off in the Watch app. 

AutoSleep Watch Lights Off

Either select Lights Off from the Watch app menu or scroll through the screens with the digital crown then use the big "Lights Off" button.

When you do this it also starts a timer on the Watch to let you know how long you've been in bed. This timer is also displayed on the AutoSleep complication on your Watch face. 

In the Watch app it then displays your sleep progress. This will show you how much of the time you have actually been asleep versus in bed. Both the time asleep and time in bed are drawn on a progress ring based on your required sleep hours setting. 

It even has muted colours that are good for night time viewing.

AutoSleep Lights Off Watch Done

If you scroll the crown, you can even see your "live" stats. Quality sleep time, average heart rate and amount of deep sleep. Of course, it's much better to do this in the morning otherwise you could end up waking yourself up. Ask me how I know this! 

Pressing the done button will return you to the main AutoSleep view and turn off the timer. The Lights Off button on the main view now has some smarts that will let you resume your lights off session if you need to. 

IMPORTANT: The done button is not an end sleeping button. Everything is still automatic. So don't worry that you have to remember to do this. 

Using the Widget
To add the widget, go to your iPhone home screen, swipe your finger from left to right then press Edit on the Today view. If on an iPhone 6s or 7, you can also add quickly by 3D touching the AutoSleep app widget. 

This then presents a simple widget as follows:

Lights Off Widget

When you turn your lights off to go to sleep, simply touch the switch. Note: You do not need to unlock your iPhone to do this. 

This will then change the widget as follows:

Lights Off Enabled

You then do not need to do anything else. From here, everything is automatic and the AutoSleep app will reset your switch for you in the background once you are awake after you unlock your iPhone. 

The Lights Off time will then show on your sleep clock as a vertical yellow bar and the time that you took to fall asleep will be displayed in your sleep quality analysis. 

Ending Lights Off
To end this mode on your Watch, there are three methods:
  1. Open the AutoSleep iPhone app. 
  2. Unlock your iPhone any time after the notification time that you have setup in the AutoSleep wizard tab in the AutoSleep iPhone app. This will automatically turn off the timer in the Watch without you having to open the AutoSleep iPhone app. 
  3. The Done button on the Watch will end the timer and show the main Watch screen.

Editing Lights Off
In the AutoSleep iPhone app, if you need to correct or remove the Lights Off entry, you can either touch the vertical yellow bar on the clock, or go into Day View and press the lamp button.