What's new in AutoSleep 5.9.

Thanks for updating! 

In this update things have been tweaked a bit to support iOS 12 and WatchOS 5 whilst maintaining compatibility for older Watches that are still on WatchOS 4. 

The most exciting part of the update is for people that have a new Watch 4 coming. There are some nice new complications for the new Infograph watch faces. Check them out! The corner one has a gauge that changes depending on daytime or lights out mode. The circular ones shows your sleep rings with live updates. 

There's also quite a lot more smarts under the covers of the Watch app. It will now update the complications to show your sleep without even needing to go into the app. 

The biggest news of all is that AutoSleep 6 is only a couple of weeks away. This one is HUGE! Stay tuned... 

What's new in AutoSleep 5.1.

Hello everyone! Thanks for downloading this latest update. It's a fairly small one but has some very useful changes and some minor fixes. Plus, there are four new languages. Korean, Russian, Turkish and Swedish*.

*Swedish will be available week of 12 February

Settings Tab:
  • A new settings tab has replaced the wizard tab. 
  • This makes it a little easier to access help and settings and tidies up some of the other screens. 
Sleep/Wake Calibration: 
  • In the settings menu is a new option for sleep/wake calibration. 
  • This allows you to choose one of 10 levels of preset sleep/wake detection. It shows a preview of the sleep clock, the time asleep, the time in bed and the time awake. 
  • Simply choose the setting with the lowest level that has the most accurate results for you. 
  • This gives a wider range of settings to cater for folks with either very high or very low active energy levels coming from their Apple Watch.
  • You can learn more about it here
Advanced Settings:
  • By popular demand, there are two new advanced settings.
  • The ability to use iPhone motion detection when wearing the Watch to bed has been re-introduced. 
  • The ability to alter the amount of time you are awake before a separate sleep session is created. The default is 240 minutes (4 hours). 
Watch App:
  • You can now force touch (press firmly on the screen until you feel a bump) for lights off
  • It's highly recommended that you use iOS11 and WatchOS 4 where possible. If you are stuck on iOS10 and WatchOS 3, then support for WatchOS 3.1 has been re-introduced. 
Bug Fixes:
  • There was a problem when setting the night hour to midnight for calendar and prior day's sleep reporting. 
  • There were some odd results if you viewed sleep history after the night hour and before midnight.
  • Sleep is now correctly reported if it crosses a night hour. The time before the night hour is correctly allocated to the previous day.

What was new in AutoSleep 5.

AutoSleep 5 is the biggest AutoSleep update ever. It includes everything from iPhone X support to live sleep tracking on the Watch. It is the result of literally thousands of emails from customers. It's big!

The Watch App

Sleep is also tracked & displayed on Watch.

The Watch app is still optional. But if you haven't loaded it yet, you'll probably want to check this news out. 

The big news in AutoSleep 5 is that, if you wear your Watch when sleeping it can now automatically track your sleep without needing any help from your iPhone. And best of all, you still don't need to remember to press anything. 

Watch App Navigation

Some people didn't realise that you can display sleep quality rings on the Watch. So now you can use the crown, vertically scroll with your finger, or tap a section to quick scroll to the next. In addition to the recharge rings & sleep quality rings, there's now a summary of your sleep. 

Sleep is now automatically calculated on your Watch. The Watch app will replace this with the iPhone app's sleep calculations once you have unlocked your iPhone. This way you can see your sleep when you wake up without having to check your iPhone. Rejoice!

As always, everything is automatic. You do not need to press any buttons to track your sleep. 

The final panel has a new big sized Lights Off button. Read on...

New Lights Off.

Lights Off has been completely re-written and it works like magic!

Lights off

To recap, Lights Off lets you optionally track how long it takes you to fall asleep. When you do this it also starts a timer on the Watch to let you know how long you've been in bed. This timer is also displayed on the AutoSleep complication on your Watch face. 

The big news in AutoSleep 5 is a new lights off progress display that you can view at any time. It will show you how much of the time you have actually been asleep versus in bed. Both the time asleep and time in bed are drawn on a progress ring based on your required sleep hours setting. 

It even has muted colours that are good for night time viewing. 

Lights Off Done

If you scroll the crown, you can even see your "live" stats. Quality sleep time, average heart rate and amount of deep sleep. Of course, it's much better to do this in the morning otherwise you could end up waking yourself up. Ask me how I know this! 

Pressing the done button will return you to the main AutoSleep view and turn off the timer. The Lights Off button on the main view now has some smarts that will let you resume your lights off session if you need to. 

IMPORTANT: The done button is not an end sleeping button. Everything is still automatic. So don't worry that you have to remember to do this. 

The iPhone App

Much Faster. Much More Accurate.

AutoSleep 5's sleep detection now completes in around 0.2 - 0.4 seconds. AutoSleep 4 on iOS 11 took anything from 3 to 12 seconds. So lets just say it's considerably faster! 

The standard settings are now optimised for WatchOS 4. iPhone motion detection has been discontinued for customers that wear their Watch to sleep. It still remains an option for non-Watch wearers. 

When you update AutoSleep 5 will automatically adjust your current settings. These should be very accurate for most people. 

More Info & New Layout.

Instead of having sleep quality on a seperate tab, everything is on one scrollable screen. The graph is just below the clock. A lot of customers didn't like having to press another button and prefer just to move their thumb. Some never discovered the quality tab at all and got really annoyed about it. 

Let's skim through some of the main changes: 

AutoSleep Main

1. The inner complication rings on the sleep clock are now labelled and due to popular demand, deep sleep has joined the other three.

So that now means all key information at a glance. 

The Quality ring now shows hours of quality sleep. This makes it easier to compare with other days. This looks at the overall sleep time, how much light sleep, how much deep sleep, how restless and the nocturnal dip in heart rate and determines how much quality sleep you had. 

The ring targets have changed for both quality sleep and deep sleep. By default, the target for completing the quality sleep ring is 85 % of your required sleep hours. Deep sleep is 35%. Required sleep hours defaults to 8. All of these goals are able to be changed in the 7 day comparison section (see below). 

2. The sleep and wake times are visible and scrolling now takes you to the detail sleep analysis graph. 

The nocturnal dip calculation for heart rate, which is also used in deep sleep has also been improved and optimised. 

Sleep Analysis Graph.

The sleep analysis graph is just below the sleep clock. 
Sleep Analysis Graph
The graph uses an intelligent display where it labels three new graduated sections which shows your awake time, lighter and deeper sleep zones. When you stop scrolling, the labels fade out and your heart rate fades in. There is also a line showing the overall average heart rate. 

Quick Settings.

Scrolling down continues to the 7 day comparison and sleep recharge views.

Change ring targets.

1., 2. New buttons provides quick access to change your required sleep hours and also your ring targets for quality and deep sleep. 

Configuration & Troubleshooting "For Dummies".

Though you may never need to use it, the new Adjust button just below the clock makes configuration and troubleshooting incredibly easy to use and understand. 
AutoSleep Adjust Button

1. If your sleep detection ever looks incorrect, you simply touch the Adjust button. This will walk you through any possible issues and help you resolve them. 

This is made possible by the hundreds of support emails we answer about configuration. It made us think very hard about simplicity and handling different people's requirements in the easiest possible way. 

2. Instead of "tweaking" levels of sleep detection, you now just dial in the type of sleeper you are and everything will be re-calculated for you. Live. You can even slide up the sleep analysis graph and watch how it changes. When happy with the result press OK. You'll then never likely need to change it again. It even automatically updates the Watch settings. 

For all those hardcore gadget fans that love the "Tweak" tab, don't worry, it's still there. It's also got some great improvements too. 

Share, Tags, Notes.

A lot of people asked to be able to share their sleep clock with friends and/or social media. 

A lot more people asked to be able to tag and store notes about their sleep. 

AutoSleep, share, tags and notes.

1. The share button lets you share a pretty photo of your sleep clock via all the usual sharing extensions. iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email,.. whatever takes your fancy. 

2. The new tag & note button lets you set up to 8 emoji tags for your sleep as well as any notes that you wish to record. 

The emoji can be customised by force/long pressing an emoji. This then changes that default emoji. Emoji say more in one character than letters or colours which is why they were chosen. They are also very cool. 

On the new history view, you can filter sleep by one or more emoji and this will show your comparative averages and highlight any days that meet the tag criteria. 

Export & Unlimited History.

Now we've reached two of the most popular requests. Export and greater than 12 weeks history. 

AutoSleep Export and History

1.  History is now able to be accessed by the new History tab. You can also Quick Jump into it by touching any of the rings on the main Clock tab. 

2.  There's a new floating filter button that lets you filter by one or more emoji tags.

3.  You can now swipe the 12 week graph or pull scroll for more history. This lets you compare rolling 12 week averages and much more. 

4.  You can select Export to export your sleep history to a spreadsheet and share via email. The export includes all your key sleep metrics as well as the new tags and notes. 

History Day View has Notes & Graph

Touching a day in the history view now allows you to not only see the summary sleep details, but also tags & notes as well the detailed sleep analysis graph. 

AutoSleep History Day View

When you select a day, you can now slide the day viewer between summary metrics, tags & notes and the day's sleep analysis graph. It will remain in this selection and you can then touch other days and they will display your currently selected day view. 

You can also change or add tags and edit the text for the selected day. 

If you are a "power user" there are a couple of hidden goodies for you. The first is if you slide to the graph, then select the clock tab, this will view all of the information for that day. The second is that if you force/long press a day it will jump to the clock tab and show that day. 

Lots More

There are so many other improvements under the covers in this update. Movement & Heart rate now exclusively use Watch data, DST supports all countries, the 12 hour clock supports 24 hour time and has a simple central toggle. Pull to refresh was added on current day. Warnings if no watch data has been received and an indicator line on the clock to show recency of Watch data. Prevention of sleep end estimates in the future. Dramatically improved support for managing calendar change of sleep day according to your night hour. Better support for multi sleep sessions. Longer wake intervals for better awake time tracking. Faster notifications. New method to counter lights off communication issues. Greater range when setting required sleep hours. Longer periods of sleep detection for people that wear Watch. iPhone X layout optimisation. Pallet changes. Tweak tab improvements and much more. 

Even More Soon

So Many Requests!

There are many more updates planned. If your request didn't make this update, don't panic! It has not been forgotten. If you are outraged about thisplease email us. More customer votes for features influences the schedule. The next priorities are Voiceover support, multi time zone support and more languages. 


You are awesome

Thanks for continuing to support & use AutoSleep. As always, please email us to let us to let us know what you'd like to see and if you need any help.  

If you're enjoying the app, please press the button at the bottom of the "Clock" tab and leave an updated review. It helps a lot!