What's New in AutoSleep 6.4

Available Friday May 29.

Hello everyone and a big thanks for continuing to use AutoSleep!

Charge Reminder
One of the most common questions is "When do I charge my Watch if I am to use it for sleep tracking?".

So this AutoSleep update lets you a set a reminder at the most convenient time of the day. For most people this is in the evening. 

It pops up and shows your current battery level and a recommendation if you need to charge the Watch. You can either Snooze it for 10,30 or 60 minutes if not convenient or, you press Doing it Now. This will then send a reminder to your iPhone in an hour's time to put the Watch back on. 

Quick Charge

Native Watch Smart Wake
For WatchOS 6 and higher, AutoSleep now has a native Apple Watch Smart Alarm. It even works in flight mode. 

You can either get it to wake you up early within a time window if you are in light or medium sleep or, it also has a unique "arousal" mode. 

What this will do is either tickle or nudge you with haptics one time per minute within your designated wake up window. e.g. 7:20am to 7:30am. 

It gently taps you on your wrist to take you out of deeper sleep so that you wake feeling much less shellshocked by your alarm. You often don't even feel it until the 3rd or 4th minute. By the time your alarm goes off, you are ready for it. It's very cool and we much prefer it to the more traditional "going off early" smart alarm as you get to snooze more organically. 

Smart Alarm menu

Support for the Old Timer
There were some changes in iOS 13 that prevented use of the AutoSleep Watch app on the old 2015 model Apple Watch. We've worked around this by provided an option at install time that will enable the old timer to be used. 

If you are affected by this, if you delete the iPhone app and re-install it, you will now have an option to support the older Watch. When deleting the iPhone app, you will receive two system prompts. The first one is about deleting the app and local data. Say yes to this. The second one is about keeping history in Apple Health. Make sure you answer Keep for this one. 

Large Modular Complication
The large modular Infograph & large modular complications are a great central point for your sleeping Watch face. 

In case you didn't know you can swipe between watch faces really quickly which makes it a great way to set up a day face and a sleeping face. 

When you use lights off, the sleep metrics on this complication update live as you sleep. They show your percentage of sleep goal & quality goal achieved as well as you average heart rate. 

Large modular complication

Other things
On the Watch app, in the info section at the bottom of the menu you will now see lights off time and sleep start and end times. 

Changed colours on readiness gauge to better reflect that is not bad to be in the middle, this is normal. 

Changed the latest bedtime calculation to require a minimum of 75% of your sleep goal when forecasting the latest time to go to bed. 

Added a new setting in advanced settings to allow zero deep sleep to be considered in trend reporting. 

Fixed 12 hour clock display for people with a night hour of midnight with 24 hour regional time setting. 

Fixed some text colours which were not clear when system light mode was selected but app used in dark mode. 

Fixed outer sleep ring on Watch rings complication for people that do not wear the Watch to bed. 

Fixed a problem where the iPhone app could crash in the background under some conditions. 

Fixed a problem where the Today icon could have the wrong date on it. 

What's New in AutoSleep 6.3

We've updated for iOS 13 and WatchOS 6 which has enabled a few nice new features. 

Auto Dark & Light Mode
There's a new setting in Settings tab, Switch Theme to allow you to automatically switch themes based on the active iOS 13 mode, or, to set your preferred mode permanently. We've also made the light mode a bit more... well.. light, as well as adding some new colour options in the "Design your clock" settings option. 

Dark Light

Environmental Noise
If you have a Series 4 or higher Apple Watch, you can now see environmental noise levels in your daily sleep analysis graph. 

Any louder sounds are shown in a darker colour. You can touch and slide on the graph to now see noise levels minute by minute, along with how you moved.

Sleep graph with environmental noise

At the bottom of the sleep analysis is a summary of average & peak noise and how they relate to some common sounds. 

Environmental noise

We've found that you will get the best results with this feature if you add the "Noise" complication to your sleeping Watch face. 

Enhanced Export Option
There have been a lot of requests for custom date ranges and the inclusion of HRV, waking pulse and other advanced options in export. Also direct support for share sheet instead of email. So, all those are now there. You'll find the new export option in the Settings tab. 

Enhanced Trend Explorer
While we were there, as we know we have some serious data munchers as customers, we also added a new option to explore trends for anything from 7 days to 12 weeks prior to any date you want.

You'll also find this on the settings tab. If you aren't familiar with the trend explorer, you can find more info here

Trend Explorer

HRV capture
HRV is a fantastic part of AutoSleep's readiness feature. Previously AutoSleep would only use the first Breathe app session of the day to capture HRV. We've had a number of reports where the Breathe app sometimes decides to be recalcitrant. So we've made some changes that will now use the first breathe session that has associated HRV data. This is supported in both the Watch app and the iPhone app. This means if your breathe session fails to work, then you can do another and immediately check if it was successful in your AutoSleep Watch app. 

Secondly, there's another option for folk that just find using the Breathe app a bit too much in the morning. In this case, AutoSleep will use the automatic HRV capture that your Watch performs during sleep, choosing the most appropriate reading depending on whether you usually reach peak HRV in early or late sleep. This varies depending on how you are "wired". 

The Breathe session on waking is still the preferred option, but choices are good aren't they.

Sleep Research
AutoSleep is generally recognised by sleep researchers as one of the most accurate wearable sleep tracking solutions available today. 

To help sleep research institutes and universities with their sleep research, we have added a 24 hour actigraphy export option. We've benchmarked it against validated medical grade actigraphy devices and are happy to say that it exceeded even our own expectations!

If you are a university or sleep research institution conducting sleep studies, then please get in touch with us. You can use this link. We look forward to helping you!

What's New in AutoSleep 6.2

AutoSleep 6.2 is a smaller update, but there are some nice improvements. 

Today View
The sleep rings tile has changed to now also include your sleep rating score in the centre of the four sleep rings. This considers each of the rings and provides one simple number that gives your overall sleep rating. 

Sleep Rating Score

The readiness gauge has been simplified and improved. It better reflects the star rating. The score has now been changed everywhere to reflect the star rating to two decimal places. 

For example, if you want to use readiness to gauge how hard you should train, go harder when green, go berserk when blue, business as usual when yellow, a little lighter when orange, consider a rest day when red.

Watch Readiness

The lights off tile now shows what time you activated lights off

The "recharge" calendar view has been improved. If you track sleep when wearing the Watch, you will now see the sleep rating score and a small four ring view for each day. If you don't track sleep when wearing the Watch then it shows the existing sleep recharge, which is the percentage achieved of your sleep target for the day. 

When you select a day, the Asleep, Quality, Deep Sleep & Heart rate panels are organised in the same sequence as the rings and heart rate now shows in the nocturnal dip traffic light colour. 

Calendar Sleep Rating

AutoWake 3 will be available soon. This required a bit of "plumbing" from AutoSleep to allow some exciting new types of smart alarm. These include waking you up when you have met a sleep goal, cleared your sleep debt or met a sleep quality goal.  Also some intelligent reminders for the best time to prepare for sleep. 


Korean language support is back. Rejoice. 

Other Things
The settings tab now has a direct option for setting your latest bedtime reminders.
Some people didn't realise that you could touch a tip to dismiss it, so there's a close symbol on there now. 
A couple of fixes here and there.

What's New in AutoSleep 6.1

Well, there was a lot of customer feedback on AutoSleep 6. Thanks so much everyone! 

It turns out that many of you really liked the old sleep session bar graph as it was more "glanceable". But at the same time loads of people love the detail in the new sleep session graph. Many love diving into all the new metrics but some people want something simpler. 

So we've created a whole new panel called Today. It's like a news page for your current sleep status. You can now stay in this panel all the time if you wish. 


It has an improved version of the old bar graph that gives an instant picture of how you slept. You can touch it and get to the detailed graph. It has panels for all the most important sleep info. You can touch any of the panels to learn more, see trends and Add to Siri. 

The new clock was also a little polarising. Some people love the simplicity. Some people hate it and want to see how they slept directly on the clock face. So we've added a new Design your Clock option in settings. 

Design your clock

There's a few other fixes, requests and improvements too. 

What's New in AutoSleep 6

Firstly, thanks so much for using AutoSleep! Special thanks to all the great feedback from so many customers. 

This is easily the biggest AutoSleep update yet. It's been 1000 hours of work! In fact, so much has changed that it's probably easier to list the things that haven't been changed rather than the things that have. But you'll find the headlines below. 

The main goal of this update was to make everything simpler and more informative whilst adding some really useful new insights into your sleep health and recovery that take sleep tracking into new territories. 

New Colour Scheme
The app's colour scheme has been changed to a simple traffic light scheme. This lets you see at a glance if something is good or not so good. 

New Graphs
The existing sleep graph has been completely overhauled. It's now much more informative. It even lets you slide your finger over the graph to see minute by minute details. 

There are new graphs for every key metric that lets you quickly identify trends. 

There's even an advanced "Trend" section that lets you compare 14 different measurements. 

Everything is now explained in the app itself and has the option to let you learn more and get tips on how to use these metrics to improve your sleep. 


Sleep Bank is an exciting new feature that uses an advanced algorithm to determine if you are in sleep debt or sleep credit. 

Daily Readiness uses waking heart rate variability and waking pulse to determine your physical and mental state. 

Sleep Hygiene
There's a new sleep hygiene section

This lets you get a handle on your sleep consistency and sleep efficiency. 

Sleep Rings
The four sleep rings which give an at a glance summary of your sleep can now be exploded into their own section. Each one is explained and lets you see how they are trending. 

Siri Dashboard
A new Siri dashboard lets you preview all of the Siri Shortcuts supported in the app and quickly add to Siri. 

Latest Bedtime
Included in Siri dashboard is a new Latest Bedtime feature. This learns your most likely wake time for each day based on your history, considers how efficiently you sleep and then looks at your sleep bank to see how much sleep you require to ensure you are in sleep credit. 

It even has multiple reminders so you can be notified at intervals before your latest bedtime so that you can prepare for higher quality sleep. 

Daily Sleep Notification 
Also included in the Siri dashboard is fixed time notification that will let you know how long you slept and your current sleep bank status. This will intelligently use Watch and/or iPhone data so you no longer need to unlock your iPhone to be notified of your sleep. 

Shortcuts App
The Apple shortcuts app which is an amazingly powerful way to build your own shortcuts is supported by dictionaries of all the key sleep data. 

Watch App
The Watch app is greatly improved. It has a new menu system that also uses the new colour scheme. It also has support for Siri Watch face, and a much nicer infograph complication that shows your sleep and sleep bank status. It is also enhanced under the covers to help the iPhone deliver more timely and accurate sleep data. 

Day Selection Bar 
The last 7 days selection bar now shows you a summary of your sleep ring and sleep bank debt/credit status. 
Selection bar

Adjust Button
There's a new adjust button just below the clock. 
Adjust button
It lets you train AutoSleep to your optimal sleep detection settings in a quick and easy way. 

AutoSleep now pro-actively analyses the data synched from your Apple Watch to your iPhone and identifies any possible issue. 

Lots More
There are tons more improvements. We hope you like them!