How to calibrate automatic sleep/wake detection. 

The default sleep/wake detection setting works well for most people. Due to variables in Apple Watches, Versions of Apple WatchOS and differences from person to person you may need to adjust this. 

If the default sleep/wake detection is showing too little or too much sleep, or perhaps missing some waking moments, then AutoSleep 5.1 has a simple new way to get things more accurate for you. 

AutoSleep 5.1 Settings
  1. Select the new Settings tab. 
  2. Select Sleep/Wake Calibration. 

This now presents 10 preset levels of sleep/detection. 

AutoSleep 5.1 Sleep Calibration

Each level shows the following preview:

AutoSleep 5.1 Sleep Calibration
  • The clock image with sleep in purple and awake time in light grey. 
  • The estimated sleep time. 
  • The in bed time of the main sleep. 
  • The estimated time awake. 

Simply choose the lowest level which you feel most accurately represents your sleep. 

If you are calibrating the current day, then this setting will automatically apply to all future days and you most likely won't need to do it again. 

You can further fine tune using the Adjust button or Tweak tab