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What to do if your sleep isn't calculated correctly.

What To Do

AutoSleep 4 has a new troubleshooter that helps you setup sleep detection and solve any problems that may exist. 

You simply touch the Asleep time below the clock and it will ask you a series of questions. 
  • It will ask you whether or not you wear the watch whilst sleeping. 
  • If you have iPhone movement detection turned on it will show you all the times that the iPhone said that it was being moved and let you turn this feature off. 
  • It will show all the times that no data was received from the Watch. This includes time on charge and lets you determine if the problem is due to your Watch not sending any data from its sensors. If so you are then directed to a comprehensive troubleshooter. 
  • Finally, if you do wear the watch when sleeping it displays a simple panel that lets you tune how sleep is detected. 

Sleep Detection Adjustment

Detect Sleep Tuning Buttons

If you wear your Watch whilst sleeping, if other issues are eliminated, you will be presented with the tuning panel. 

There are two buttons. One will reduce sleep detection levels, the other will increase sleep detection levels. An inner button within each of these buttons allows fine grained adjustment. 

Below the buttons is a yellow line that indicates the current setting level. 

You may ask why you need to do this at all? 

The way the app detects sleep is a combination of movement and heart rate which determines metabolic activity. Now, to complicate things, different Apple Watches report different values for this and different versions of the Watch operating system use different scales. 

To provide enough flexibility to support all these scenarios, there needs to be a way to tune sleep detection. 

How do you know when the setting is correct?

As you likely have a good idea when you went to sleep and woke up, and a reasonable idea of how often you woke up during the night, you press the 'Less' or 'More' buttons until the sleep looks correct. 

Once you are happy with this, it then adjusts the calculations for the app and you likely won’t need to adjust it again. 

Day to Day Changes?
Do you need to adjust this all the time and how does it affect other days?

Normally you won't need to adjust this again. However should you notice something incorrect, you can adjust at any time. In AutoSleep 4 this will not affect any historical entries. Whatever the new adjustment is, it will be carried forward, but not used for previous days. 

The Tweak Tab
When you get more experienced, you may not need to go through a step by step troubleshooting process, and instead, just tune the detection directly. 

Tweak Tab

You can do this by pressing the Tweak tab. It provides direct access to sleep detection tuning and also shows you the data that the app has used to make sleep detection decisions. 

You can scroll down to see an explanation of the coloured rings, or just touch the centre of the clock for an explanation.