Explore Trends

The trend explorer is geared more towards people that have a love of diving into all aspects of their data. 

How it Works

It lets you compare and contrast two graphs at a time. 

Trend Explorer Nav

  1. You can touch the upper graph heading to choose a different graph. 
  2. You can do the same with the lower graph. 
  3. You can swipe a graph to flick to another graph. 
  4. You can slide your finger along the date legend to compare readings at a point in time. 

Choosing 1 or 2 above will present you with a list of all available graphs. 

Trend explorer graph selection.

  • Baseline Graphs highlight your moving seven day average. This helps you identify trends. This moving seven day average also shows greyed on the daily graphs. 
  • The solid, straight baseline on every graph is your 28 day average for the selected metric. 
  • CV stands for co-efficient of variation. This can help you highlight periods of higher variation in HRV & Waking heart rate which may help you identify and address why this is happening.