Using the AutoSleep Watch App

The AutoSleep Watch app isn't required to track sleep, but in AutoSleep 5 it has some fantastic new features.

Sleep Information and Navigation

The Watch app is comprised of four panels. Sleep recharge, sleep quality rings, sleep summary details and the lights off button

Note that the sleep quality rings and summary information are only displayed if you wear the Watch to track sleep. 

Watch App Navigation

You can scroll using the crown or your finger.  You can also tap the screen to quickly jump through each section.  You can tap the top of the screen to return to the top. 

Live Updates

There are two ways to see live sleep updates. 

1. If using the Lights Off feature (which is explained here) then there is a live progress view that has been optimised for night time use.

AutoSleep Live Lights Out

This displays how long you have been in bed, and how much of that time you have been asleep. This is presented as overlapping rings as a percentage of your required hours sleep setting (from the Wizard tab). This view will update whenever you look at the Watch screen. If so inclined, you can also scroll to see the quality sleep, average heart rate and deep sleep progress.

2. On the main screen, when the Watch has not yet received any sleep information from iPhone, it will calculate your sleep and update the rings and summary information all by itself. 

AutoSleep Live Updates

Here you can see when the Watch app was checked at 5:10 and then again at 8:46. Up until the Watch app receives your sleep data from iPhone, it will keep itself updated at 15 minute intervals.