Have you just updated to Watch OS 3.1.3 and sleep time has gone a bit pear shaped?

This is because Watch OS 3.1.3 has known bugs with motion and stand detection. Symptoms you will see on your Watch are:
  • Up to double your normal move goal being achieved.
  • Stand hours being credited whilst you are asleep or relaxing.
  • Occasional gaps in automatic background heart rate readings.

Whom does this Affect?

Any AutoSleep customer that wears their watch whilst sleeping. 

How to Solve in AutoSleep 2.0

You can work around this problem in AutoSleep 2.0 as follows:
  1. Press the Wizard button below the clock.
  2. Continue to the "Which best describes you screen". 
  3. Ensure that you have included the wear my watch to bed option.
  4. Continue to the Alternate Sensitivity Scale panel. 
  5. Set this to Yes.
  6. Once back to the clock, press the Tweak button. 
  7. Slide the slider until you see the most accurate representation of your sleep. As you move the slider everything will be recalculated according to your setting. Move to the left to see less sleep. Move to the right to see more. 

Seeing on charge whilst not Charging?

If you see occasional gaps (single orange blocks), this can usually be solved by rebooting the Watch. To do this press the Crown & Side button until you see the Apple Logo. This usually prevents further occurrences of this problem. 

AutoSleep 3.0

AutoSleep 3.0 will be available this week, with an automatic detection for this problem, and many more improvements including German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch & Chinese language support. 

If you still need help, please email us by pressing here.