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Don't Wear Watch When Sleeping?

Here's an explanation of how AutoSleep works for people that don't wear the Watch to sleep.

AutoSleep supports two methods of sleep tracking. 

1. Wear the watch whilst sleeping. 
This will then analyse heart rate and metabolic activity and detect when you are asleep. This has the benefit of providing sleep quality metrics. 


2. Count the time that the Watch is on charge as sleep. 
Whenever are not wearing the watch, this will then be counted as time asleep. This is a simple way of keeping an automatic sleep diary. 

You cannot mix these methods on a single day. You can mix them on different days. 

If using method 2, then any time your are not wearing the watch will count as time asleep. The only exception to this is if you have iPhone motion detection enabled. In this case, whenever your iPhone is moved, it will indicate that you are awake. 

The best strategy for using this method is to put the Watch on charge when you go to sleep, then put the Watch back on when you wake up. 

If you want to use this method and also want to track naps, then you will again need to put the Watch on charge when you take a nap.